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Landscaping Services

Gardening Services

If you are searching for a landscaping company specializing in gardening services, look no further than the diligent green-thumbs at Huerta's Tree Landscape Service. Over the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in the world of landscaping and garden design. Using time-honored techniques, cutting-edge tactics, and a delicate hand, we introduce harmony into green spaces.

Whether you are looking for routine garden maintenance or a team to install a gorgeous perennial flowerbed, we can help you. What’s more, our services come at an incredible rate.

Tree Expert

With everything else going on, it can be hard to think of your trees and landscape. Choosing the right trees, soil, and shrubbery can be overwhelming on your own. That’s where Huerta's Tree Landscape Service comes in. You can rely on our tree experts to help you choose, trim, plant, and remove trees as needed.

Stump Removal

If you have a stump getting in the way of a new landscaping project, Huerta's Tree Landscape Service can help you remove it entirely. We’re skilled, timely, and efficient and have many years of experience in stump removal. Our trained tree experts can take care of all your tree problems with ease, and all for a more than affordable price.

Stump Grinding

Leaving dead tree stumps on your lawn runs the risk of causing pest infestation or fungus growth. Stump grinding is a quick and affordable way to remove unwanted leftover tree stumps from your landscape.

Landscaping Company

Huerta's Tree Landscape Service is the premier landscaping company serving the local area. We offer a complete range of services for the construction, and maintenance of your landscape. We are renowned for our quality workmanship and committed customer-oriented approach, consistently going above and beyond to meet the needs of the client. Whether you need frequent lawn maintenance or a complete makeover for your yard, we have what it takes to do the job right.

To schedule a consultation, or to book a service, call us at (262) 949-2344 today.

Landscaping Services

If you’re looking for local landscaping services, look no further than Huerta's Tree Landscape Service. As the area’s leading full-service landscaper, we provide a complete range of services for all your outdoor needs. With our years of experience and expert service solutions, we’ll help you save time, save money, and get the quality landscape you deserve.

To schedule a consultation, give us a call at (262) 949-2344 today. We can’t wait to get started—and neither should you.

Tree Planting

Huerta's Tree Landscape Service is the local area’s leading tree planting specialist. We provide a range of services to help you get the trees you want and ensure their longevity. We can help you choose from different breeds, select a suitable location for them, and develop a long-term maintenance plan to promote healthy growth. For fast and efficient tree planting, our expert tree experts are sure to be of assistance.

Tree Pruning

If you fear that excess growth, damage, or disease have compromised the overall health of your tree, there is no one better to turn to than Huerta's Tree Landscape Service.

Tree Removal

Most of the time, trees are removed because they pose an immediate risk to the structures around them, or they are diseased and dying. Whether you notice a tall tree leaning close to neighboring power lines, or you’re worried about tree health, it might be time to bring in the experts from Huerta's Tree Landscape Service.

Tree Services

If you need help with your new tree project, the tree experts at Huerta's Tree Landscape Service can bring your ideas to life with our full range of tree services. We offer a wide range of tree care services guaranteed to suit your needs, no matter the scale of your project.

Tree Trimming

Huerta's Tree Landscape Service can keep your trees well-maintained, boosting your curb appeal and property value. Our tree experts are fast, dependable, and efficient, and they’re well-equipped to provide a wide array of tree care services.

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